Fidelity Gold IRA Review

Did you know that you can invest in a wide variety of gold related products through Fidelity? You can invest in gold-related securities after careful scrutiny of all of them. Among the many ways of investing gold through Fidelity is by purchasing paper gold which exposes you to the actual metals market. You can also use mutual funds by using options like Fidelity Select Gold Portfolio (FSAGX) and Fidelity Advisor Gold Fund (FSHAX). Other options include exchange-traded funds which is what happens when you invest in gold and silver miners through EFTs. Find out here why there are increased investments on Gold IRA from the discussions below.

Who is Fidelity?

This is a company that helps investors invest in their future through options like retirement plans. Lately a lot of Fidelity investors have gained massive interest in securing their future through precious metals, however not able to rollover from Fidelity to their preferred IRA gold account. Fidelity has however created systems that investors can use to invest in precious metals indirectly. It doesn’t charge either commissions or account fee for its gold products.

The investments in gold and other precious metals that get done through Fidelity only happen through paper gold financial instruments which are indirect investments to the precious metals desired by their clients while eliminating the safety risk factor from the deal. Here are some of the things worth knowing when it comes to Fidelity.

fidelity gold ira

  • Fidelity and IRA

You cannot get a self-directed IRA account to use for your Fidelity investment. This is because there are no direct investments into physical gold by Fidelity. When in Fidelity you will realize there are number instruments that you can use to invest in gold but not direct investments, for instance mutual funds, EFTs and paper investment. You can, however, invest in precious metals through paper gold which is the only way traditional IRA allows investing in precious metals like gold for Fidelity investors.

  • Types of precious metals offered

With Fidelity, investors have different options of gold-related investments that they can make. Among the many options to use for investing in Gold include stocks, EFTs and mutual funds as you will find out from the details highlighted below. Research widely on the performance of the precious metals in the market before you invest in any related investment through your Fidelity account. It is only then that you can make the right decision on which options to invest in that have potential for better performance in the future.

  • Gold products offered

When you make up your mind to invest in gold through Fidelity, you should be ready to assess the different instruments through which the same can be achieved. You will find a lot of gold-related products offered by Fidelity except the direct or physical gold purchase. Some of the gold products that you can invest in at Fidelity include mutual funds, exchange-traded Funds, and even precious metals paper. All of these options allow you to invest in gold minus the risk or charges that come with its storage.

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